Courgette, basil & almond pasta

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175g orecchiette pasta
2 tbsp toasted blanched almonds
2 small or 1 medium courgettes
1 garlic clove
large bunch basil
2 tsp olive oil
3 rounded tbsp grated parmesan (or vegetarian alternative)
1 tbsp lemon juice



1. Cook the pasta in plenty of boiling salted water according to pack instructions. Meanwhile, finely chop the almonds, chop the courgette into small chunks, crush the garlic and strip the basil leaves from the stalks. 2.

2. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the courgette for 2-3 mins until starting to soften, then throw in the garlic and half the basil and cook for 1 min more.

3. Drain the pasta and add to the courgettes, along with the almonds, the rest of the basil, the Parmesan, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Toss everything together and serve with extra Parmesan on the side.


Source: BBC Good Food

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